(916) 886-9908
(916) 886-9908
Aundria Marshall

I began my journey in dog training in 2016 after a 15 year career in finance. I always knew that I wanted to do something more meaningful, something that brought joy to people. When I was approached with dog training, I knew I had found my perfect fit. Dogs have always played a key role in my life so I am acutely attuned to the special relationships between people and their dogs, Dealing with behavioral issues can be very taxing on those relationships so I have made it my mission to help enrich the lives of owners and their dogs. I have learned so much about so many breeds and the behaviors that are typical of them so l am able to talk owners through their concerns. I love giving my clients encouragement that their hard work will pay off and when I see the results in the success of our training, it brings me so much joy! I have had the honor and privilege of training and mentoring under some of the top dog training professionals in the country. They have truly helped me develop my simple passion for dogs into a skill that I can pass on to my clients to enrich their K9 experience.

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