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Published on Sep 20, 2022

You’ve brought home your newest member of the family, and you’re wondering where tostart! Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, finding the best gear that suits you and yourdog is important. Taking into consideration your living environment, your dog’s energy levels,and the things you want to work on behavior wise; you want to be prepared for anything thatdog ownership brings you. All the items listed below can be found linked in our online SitHappens Member Store!

  • Buckle collar/Non-retractable Leash

When going outside, safety is our number one priority. With the appropriatelysized buckle collar, any owner can ensure that their dog will stay secure at theirside. We discourage the use of retractable leashes without a solid recall in place,because of how hard it is to regain control of your dog. A sturdy 6-8 foot leashcan allow your dog freedom to explore safely, while also being able to quicklygain control in the presence of distractions.

  • Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated dog beds are awesome tools to use for your dog in and out of training!These elevated cots work great as a place board, something used to teach thecommand ‘Place.’ But the mesh interior and elevation provide great airflow toyour dog on hot days. Especially those breeds with longer hair, like Germanshepherds and golden retrievers!

  • Training Treats

We also want to reward our dog for good behavior, and treats help cement newthings into their minds! Using single-ingredient treats, such as beef liver or driedminnows, can eliminate tummy troubles when fed in moderation.

  • Appropriately Sized Kennel

Every dog can benefit from crate training, it doesn’t matter how old they arewhen you start! Starting as puppies helps but getting your older rescue dog to becomfortable in the crate just takes good, consistent training. Only get a size largeenough for them to be able to sit and turn around completely. With too big of acrate, the dog will have space to pee. If your dog is still growing, get a divider togradually increase their space as they grow!

  • Lots of Toys/Chews

By providing your dog with chew toys and bones, you can ensure that they stickto chewing their own stuff and not yours! For heavy chewers, you want to userubber Kong toys or Benebones made from bamboo. If your dog loves to herdthe kids around the yard, check out the various sizes of Jollyballs available to giveyour dog something to drive all that energy into! Check out a ton more optionson our Sit Happens store.

Once you’ve brought home all the necessary equipment, get to know your dog andtheir personality! Provide lots of things to engage their mind as well as their body. Whenyou’re ready to take the next step forward with your dog and start training, call SitHappens Roseville today at (916) 886-9908


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