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Published on Oct 19, 2021

 About Frank (Head Trainer for the Roseville area.)

In my 25 years in Corporate America, Integrity, respect, empathy, loyalty, and trust have become the moral values I feel are most important to success in life.  I’ve always had an affinity for dogs and the main reason is that those same values I embrace every day are instinctive and natural for canines. I decided to look into how I can incorporate my business experience with my love for dogs. 

I trained under David Stellato, a state-renowned and highly recommended dog trainer and behaviorist in FL, known for his ability to bring people and their furry companions closer together through his premier training system. He taught me that real results come from not just training a dog, but to develop a true healthy relationship and understanding between the dog and their human. Dogs are all just as unique as their owners and therefore the training should involve both parties. 

I’ve adopted many dogs from shelters over the years and with that have had to learn to overcome the multiple behavioral challenges that can possibly come with shelter dogs. By applying what I have learned to each individual dog I’ve brought into my family, I have developed a unique understanding and skill set that I would love to share with my fellow dog lovers. The result of my mentorship with David was opening Sit Happens here in the Placer county area. My goal is to help people and their canines companions in the greater Sacramento and Placer County areas have the best relationship they can have. No matter what their challenges, canines always want to please and seek approval from us, and we as their owners want to be proud of them.


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